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MSP®  Managing Successful Programmes  - latest version 
Foundation   Course Description

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You will learn how to

  • Properly Implement business change programmes within your organisation
  • Build a structured Programme Plan
  • Develop the Programme Blueprint
  • Set up a Programme Organisation and appropriate Controls
  • Drive a programme from Mandate through to the realisation of Business Benefits
  • Manage and reduce programme Risk
  • Tailor the method to suit individual programmes
  • Manage change throughout the business cycle

Benefits to you

  • Without skilled management, the combination of complexity, high risk and multiple projects can result in high profile failure.
  • Programme Management is a pragmatic approach that will ensure organisations deliver and realise the required benefits, innovation, and new ways of working that will take them through the next decade.

  • The APMG accredited MSP Foundation qualification is recognised world- wide as a measure of excellence in Programme Management skills.

  • We are proud to announce that since the very first time that we have provided this course, we have achieved a 100% pass rate.




  • This course is designed to provide the skills and experience required to implement the OGC’s methodology for Programme Management, developed in coordination with public and private sector organisations. Plus the APMG accredited MSP Foundation qualification.
  • It addresses today’s business environment and takes into account factors such as rapid change and the requirement for a number of organisations to work together.

Who should attend

  • This course is invaluable for current programme and project managers, team members, senior and business managers, programme support staff, and all staff who require the APMG accredited MSP Foundation qualification.

Hands on

  • The course uses a syndicate-based Case Study as a continuous theme to re-enforce the learning environment and build upon both skills and knowledge.
Exercises include:
  • Create a Programme Vision Statement
  • Create an outline Programme Plan
  • Create a Risk Management Strategy Document
  • Create a Programme Benefits Plan

Yours free to take away

  • The OGC "Managing Successful Programmes" Manual
  • MSP pre-course preparation materials
  • Copies of handouts and exercises


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