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          Community Edition - The world's favourite PRINCE2 Software
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  • Community Edition from PROJECT in a box is the world's favourite PRINCE2 software with more users in more countries than any other product or service by far. Community Edition gives you the basic set of tools to implement PRINCE2, all Authentic and provided under licence so it is clear and familiar....and it is FREE!

  • Community Edition is provided by more than a dozen PRINCE2 trainers to their delegates as part of their course materials and recommended by countless more. A number of leading Universities also provide Community Edition CDs to their students on project management courses and modules.

  • This is your chance to gain the same advantage. Whether you are a recently qualified PRINCE2 Practitioner; are trying to understand what PRINCE2 is and why it works; or are just looking for an easier way to manage your project information, Community Edition will be great for you. ...and it is FREE!

  • Not only is Community Edition provided free for you to use as long as you want and on as many projects as you want but you are also supported; with any technical issues you may face as you use Community Edition. You are also kept up to date with patches and versions to cover operating system changes or methodology revisions.

  • To receive your FREE "PROJECT in a box" and FREE "PLANNER" software, please enter your details, and click Send at the bottom. You will receive an email enabling you to download this valuable resource.

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